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I Love Staten Island, But….

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Somebody–actually, a couple of the schmucks involved in this idiocy–needs immediate firing:

Combat vet sacked in flag flap

A veteran who dodged bullets in Iraq and Afghanistan and returned home to a job as a Staten Island Ferry deckhand has been fired after a disagreement about the proper way to fly the American flag aboard the boat.

While helping a colleague raise the flags earlier this month, Dan Bergen saw that the New York City flag was flying at the same height as the American flag. That, he believed, was a violation of the federal flag code that requires no flag be flown equal to or higher than the Stars and Stripes.

In accord with flag-display protocol, Bergen lowered the city’s blue, white and orange flag bearing the municipal seal so that its top lined up with the bottom of the American flag.

Later that day, Bergen, 32, a newlywed with seven months on the job, said he was approached by a ferry captain who asked why he wasn’t following standard operating procedures.

“It’s my true belief that’s improper flag etiquette,” Bergen explained, but the captain informed him that different rules apply at the ferry.

Bergen served in a special warfare unit of the U.S. Navy and continues as a reservist. Shortly after the incident, he left for reserve duty.

Bergen returned to work last week, and during his shift on Saturday, he again lowered the city flag so that its top lined up with the bottom of Old Glory. Again, a captain asked why the flag wasn’t in the proper position and ordered Bergen to raise it back up to the top of the mast.

“I’m sorry, captain, I can’t do that,” Bergen told his boss.

Okay, Bergen may have misinterpreted Flag Code protocols, but what pisses me off is this bit of bullshit:

As a provisional employee, Bergen doesn’t have any rights or job protections, a ferry source said.

WTF? He’s some kinda indentured servant? A goddamn Navy combat vet is nothing more than Kunta Kinte in the eyes of New York City’s “fleet”! Most of the deckhands–and I’m friends with a few–are stone cold assholes who can barely differentiate stem from stern.

“The Staten Island Ferry is in absolute accordance with shipboard flag etiquette,” Capt. James DeSimone, the ferry’s chief operations officer, said yesterday.

No, you shit-for-brains schmuck, you are NOT. The SI Ferry only gets it right half the time you float your boats. To be in “absolute accordance,” as this moron claims the SI Ferry operates, the flags would be switched before each boat departs from the South Ferry slips.

If Bergen wasn’t a “provisional employee” they would never had dared pull this.

Really, nobody could have just sat down with this guy and worked this crap out? Does it do anyone–especially this douche DeSimone–anything good by dropping the hammer on Danny Bergen for showing reverence to the Stars and Stripes?

You couldn’t have just humored the guy while he was working his shift? It’s not like anybody other than these friggin’ tight-assed, would-be Captain Queeg‘s would have noticed. Instead, now you look like a bunch of douchebags, stomping a guy who has more right to be working on your big orange scows than the assholes who slapped him down.

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