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Another Bullet in the Old Gray Lady’s Ass [Updated]

Disgrace: Yale removes Mohammed cartoons from book about … Mohammed cartoons.

I’m tempted to call this unbelievable but that simply wouldn’t be true. In fact, the very first words of the Times’s piece are “It’s not all that surprising.” Not only do research universities purportedly devoted to free inquiry now censor primary sources in the interest of “safety,” but I’ve experienced it myself: Imagine, if you will, the absurdity of a panel discussion about images which the audience isn’t allowed to view. It’s come to that. This is the scholarship equivalent of Yale donning a burqa to suppress the temptations its immodesty might otherwise inspire in Muslim men. Good work, academia.

I’m adding this to The Bullet List because, in defending Yale’s decision to be completely gutless pussies by cowering behind the altar of politically correct fear, the NY Times completely whitewashes the truth about the “blasphemous” Mo cartoons:

It was all a scam carried out by a radical Danish Imam to stir up hatred of the West.
Over 100 people died from this scam including nuns and priests.
Sadly, The New York Times still refuses to report the real story behind the Danish cartoon controversy.

UPDATE: via the (asking for a restart of IMAO’s blogwar; why else did he toss in that Latin crap?) PuppyBlender: A NEW YALE MOTTO: Timiditas et Deditio.

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