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Yesterday’s Farce: The Fibs and the Facts

Any doubts that President Barack Obama’s “townhall” in Portsmouth, New Hampshire yesterday was a complete farce were dispelled early on when the hand picked crowd broke out in a chant of: “Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!” at the close of his opening remarks. Recognizing his campaign’s signature slogan, the President responded: “Thank you. I remember that.” Comforted knowing he was surrounded by a room full of die-hard supporters, President Obama then want on to make a number of misleading and outright false statements about the health care legislation still working it’s way through Congress. Here are just seven:

Morning Bell: Obamacare Pep Rally Fact Check » The Foundry

Yesterday, Teh Messiah, once again, proved he is utterly hapless without Teleprompter telling him what to say, and is absolutely gutless when it comes to facing anything except a hand-picked crowd of syncophants. Jeez, even that idiot Dingell was stupid enough to have one of his own supporters march around with an “Obama is Hitler!” poster, attempting to re-inforce the Nancy Pelosi inspired meme that anyone who opposes the Magic Negro is a de-facto bigot, obviously spurred on by right wing extremist firebrands such as Rush Limbaugh.

Two problems with that: First, the guy actually hoisting the banner. Second, Dingell’s flunky got the poster from a Lyndon LaRouche website.

But at least that moron Dingell made the effort. Has Team Bambi become so bloody stupid since moving into the White House that they couldn’t even find a “Republican” plant to toss a quasi-tough question for Dear Leader to bat aside?

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