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Obama Announces 12 Billion Buck Community College Initiative 13th Grade Bailout Bill

This is possibly the dumbest thing Teh Messiah has proposed this week… but there’s still a few days left for him to top this little bit of idiocy:

Warren , Mich., July 14 — President Obama came to this economically struggling state Tuesday with a sobering message about its vanishing jobs and a promise of renewal through a new federal investment in community colleges.

But that message was up against rising unemployment — 14 percent — and rising frustration. A Detroit newspaper welcomed Obama to the state with a scathing editorial, calling the administration’s stimulus package a “failed experiment.”

Obama refused to concede that point during his speech at Macomb Community College, where he said part of the answer to recovery is also in a new focus on community colleges. His proposed American Graduation Initiative would pump $12 billion into community colleges and add 5 million new graduates by 2020. The program, he said, would offer training to millions of students who cannot afford four-year universities and opportunity to older workers who need new skills.

What is this “training” or “new skills” The Magic Negro’s talking about? Community colleges are, at their core, the places people turn to when they ain’t got the chops to score a slot at a four year school after managing to muddle through high school (or copping a GED). It’s where you go to learn the things–at least in my experience–you should have already aced by the time you hit tenth grade.

Unless I’m mistaken, an overwhelming majority of CCs do not offer curricula that lead to a degree that bestows upon the bearer more than the ranking of relatively competent.

How many CCs offer two year degrees in, say, HVAC repair and maintenance? How many CCs “train” people so that they qualify for certification as a Master Plumber?

How many community college “grads” go forth, armed with an associate degree in some godforsaken liberal arts pedagogy–and can translate that into a career?

After I ran away from Wall Street, I spent a couple years cooling my heels working in retail (selling ceramic tile), and manufacturing (Stacking pallets at Brockway Glass) jobs that were, in a word, mindless. So I said to myself, “Self? What do you really want to do?”

SELF: “Everyone says you’re good with words. Kabetta and Fish tagged you “KBS-1 (King of Bullshit)” because you could talk about damn near anything and make it sound coherent and regularly reamed cops who pulled us over by reciting law. You got beat for that a couple of times, so….
Go get an BA English degree, minor in Journo…. Buy the Register and then go destroy The Retreat!

So I signed up at The College of Sickening Indifference. And in the course of a Summer School-like “orientation” program that was basically an “I before E” lesson that I had already had beaten into my brain learned under the Nun’s rule(ers), learned a few things:

    Just about every single student in the room was an idiot;
    Our “professor” really friggin’ hated what he was doing;
    Our “professor” actually read my term paper;
    Our professor told me to “run for the hills!”

Where was I? Oh, right…
“Did SOTOMAYOR ever download kiddie porn? Enquiring minds want to know: was her library card ever dragged into this Beltway Act?

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