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Archive for "Jun 19 2009"

V the K

4. Sullivan wasn't impressed. “I've had bigger.”

5. After Obama passed an executive order requiring critics of the Stimulus to battle each other to the death for his amusement, Chris Matthews dropped dead from what the coroner called, “a massive orgasm.”

via Caption This!.

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“Taxes? That’s for the Little Ugly People*”

Seriously, WTF is wrong with Barry’s regime? It’s like they go out of their way to find candidates that, if not protected by the ‘insider’ cocoon, would have been fined to high heaven–or thrown in the slammer–for thumbing their noses at rules of the road that similar actions by everyday people would result in a cornucopia of condemnation, both private and public, if brought to light.

In Obamaland, it earns you a promotion:

Ah, to be one of the beautiful people. Avoid paying taxes for two years, offer up some mealy-mouthed excuses and presto, you get a cushy State Department job from Barack Obama.

John Edwards was right. There are two Americas. One for the regular schlubs out there who obey the law and another for Obama and his crew of tax cheats.

via JammieWearingFool

Cap’n Ed: “No one doubts that the president who gave Region 1 DVDs to the British Prime Minister as an official gift and an iPod to the Queen with his own speeches preloaded needs a Chief of Protocol — and needs one very badly. However, can this administration pick someone — anyone — who has paid their taxes properly?

(*=apologies to Leona Helmsley)

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