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St. Andrew of the Heartaching Gobsmack Gets Kicked Around on a Sunday Afternoon

Actually, I’m not sure it was Sunday afternoon…. It’s not like I looked at time-stamps. But it does seem the weekend was unkind to the sanctimonious dope.

From Althouse: Let’s read Andrew Sullivan’s new Sarah Palin post, where St. Andrew tries explaining why Palin’s kids should be considered fair game for public ridicule, yet similar treatment of Teh Messiah’s spawn is verboten because… well, BECAUSE OF THEIR MOTHER!:

Sullivan offers absolutely no reason why the same principle does not protect Palin’s family.

And why should the governor of a state be called an “attention-starved celebreality star”? Is it because you don’t respect her as a politician? You might call everyone with the nerve to run for President/Vice President an attention-starved celebreality star, but the fact is you don’t. Apparently, it’s because she’s got kids who do things that you think we can sit back and view as objects of idle amusement. If anyone is to be a politician — in your nasty little world — their kids better toe the line and stay perfectly prim and healthy and smart (or hide).

As far as I am concerned, Sully went batshit crazy when it comes to his obsession with any and everything related to Sarah Palin [and blegging money for his bandwith money was… whorish… St. Andy ain’t tough enough to be a slut]. I’m convinced the Alaska Governor is a featured player in his feverish night-time dreams [ed note: dungeon masters not included]; a bête noire who can be blamed for everything and anything that occurs in the world that does not sync perfectly with Sully’s view of the Universe… well, at least everything he can’t blame on Mormons. They are #2 on St. Andrew’s “smear the Disagree With Me!” list of designated targets of derision.

If, despite all accumulated evidence, you don’t believe me about his Stage 5 level of Palin Derangement Syndrome, then get a load of this, from one of Sully’s early–and exponetionally growing–posts about the Iranian elections and the aftermath:

Ahmadinejad’s bag of tricks is eerily like that of Karl Rove – the constant use of fear, the exploitation of religion, the demonization of liberals, the deployment of Potemkin symbolism like Sarah Palin….

Think of this regime as Cheney and Rove in a police state setting, and you see what’s been going on. (Of course, Rove and Cheney live within a democratic system utterly unlike Iran, and there’s no evidence they would violate democratic norms as Khamenei just did. But their demagoguery, abuse of the state, dedication to conflict abroad, co-optation of the armed forces, and manipulation of rural and religious voters all have parallels in Red State Iran.)

Now, that one… that last one I bolded? That one just takes my breath away. I caught sight of that one from a stop in at The Other McCain, who… was not impressed:

Whatever you think of Karl Rove — and I am certainly not his biggest fan — there is something absurdly puerile in the suggestion that his political strategies involve “the deployment of Potemkin symbolism like Sarah Palin” (???).

WTF? How did Palin become involved in this? It’s as if Sully is merely reacting at some kind of Rorshach level of subconsciousness.

Andrew Sullivan is a complete ass. His online credibility went right out the window the day he decided being gay trumped all other matters of his existence. He claims to be a “conservative,” yet voted for HopeyChange. He claims to be a Catholic, yet denies adherence to anything remotely resembling that faith’s tenets.

Hell, I can say the Catholic Mass, in Latin, and I don’t have the balls to claim I am a member of the faith. I rejected the dogma, for the simple reason I never had the hubris needed to believe I could make them bend a knee the way THIS dipshit cocksuckers seem to believe the world should work.

There is a reason St. Andrew does not allow–and never did–people to comment on his inanity.

He’s a fag punk who makes a bitch like Musto throw up.

Gobsmackage Chronicle

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