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Archive for "May 26 2009"

Another Bullet in the Old Gray Lady’s Ass

Does anyone even remotely believe this self-serving bullshit?

The Watergate scandal that brought down US president Richard Nixon was one of the great news scoops of the 20th century, and the New York Times on Monday revealed it nearly had the story in its grasp. The early 1970s scandal, which turned the two Washington Post reporters who exposed it into journalism icons, was revealed in part to two Times reporters before the rival Post got it — but they it slip.

NY Times claims it knew of Watergate scandal first

According to the article, the Gray Lady passed on the story because they had bigger political stories on the front burner….


This is something that is, what? Thirty-some odd years in the rear view mirror? Yet it still gnaws on the Gray Lady’s hubristic nerves… that two young punks, working from the WaPo’s City desk, scooped their asses on the biggest American political story of all time.

With their credibility already swirling ’round the drain, running crap like this is just bloody pathetic. If this was even remotely true, why haven’t we heard about it for almost forty friggin’ years?

the bullet list.

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G’Bye, Knucklehead

She died a little while ago… ’round about five AM. Gave an unholy howl; cat version of a “Ah, Shit!” scream, I guess. I’m believing She was damning God to Hell, defiant to the end, because She’s been battling the Reaper since ’round about Thanksgiving. She let out that cry and BootzDog went berserk a couple seconds later, waking me. I thought the sound She let out was part of a dream… Bootz snapped my ass into real-time.

By the time I got out of the bed and fell on the floor beside her, a foot or so from the foot of the bed, She was already gone.

First Tilly; seems like only a week ago yesterday. Now Knuck. The only feline left in the Igloo is Tank… a fatassed, mentally retarded Maine Coon who actually enjoys me punching him on the top of his skull….

God goddamns me, it seems lately, every chance he gets.

A few days ago

A few days ago

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