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Archive for "May 23 2009"

I Married a BABE!

Wife™, waltzes in from a shopping sojourn.

“Get the stuff out of the trunk,” I’m told. Roughly a pallet’s worth of dog and cat food greet me. I slip into donkey mode and haul everything into the house.

“Hey, I found this,” she says, showing me a DVD She picked from the dollar rack.

“You know this movie?”

ME: “I can recite the script.”

SHE: “It’s got Bobby DeNiro.”

ME: “He dies. It’s a hankie movie for guys; eighteen if you’re a Yankee. Puts Gary Cooper in the skuppers.”

SHE: “Well then load it up. It’s nice watching you cry instead of raging like an asshole squared.”

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An Evan Coyne Maloney Production

Our country’s founders recognized that democracy without individual liberty is little more than a tyranny of the majority. There can be no individual liberty without the right to keep the fruits of your own labor. And equal justice requires that the property rights of all citizens receive equal protection under the law.

Sadly, none of this seems to matter to anyone in power any more.

via >bt: A Nation of Suckers and Slaves.

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