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Cheney by TKO

I don’t like this whole episode being presented by the media as a “debate,” or any other such non-sensensical nomenclature. Cheney’s speech at the AEI was scheduled weeks ago. No, the reason The One decided he needed to give his speech on this day, and at that time, was pure campaign-mode strategery, similar to his ridiculously overhyped “race” speech, when the Rev. Wright situation was threatening to derail his presidential campaign.

After being thoroughly rebuked by Congress when seeking funding to shut down Gitmo without anything resembling a plan on how to deal with the detainees in place; having Nancy Pelosi’s stammering, floundering ‘explanations’ about her complicity in allowing “enhanced interrogation techniques;” threatening to rob the nutroots of their long-sought chance to hold a “truth commission” that they are positive will lead to Bush administration members being frog-marched off to jail cells, and with former VP Darth Cheney making the media rounds, daring Obama to release all the classified information–especially the memos showing those EITs produced intel that helped in preventing potential attacks, The One and his acolytes decided they had to–literally–get in front of the story by making their pitch before Cheney could say anything that would put them even further into a defensive stance.

Believing that Teh Messiah’s oratorical “gift” could–like the way The Speech knocked Rev. Wright out of the news cycle–make this all go away, allowing Team Bambi to continue on their merry way, promulgating their agenda to overturn America’s economic system, they went to the only thing they really know how to do: blow smoke/blame Bush.

One problem, though; they ain’t campaigning anymore:

The former veep’s speech was factual and unemotional and certainly devoid of the kind of hokey, self-obsessed, campaign-style stuff like this, from Obama’s address today, “I stand here today as someone whose own life was made possible by these documents. My father came to these shores in search of the promise that they offer. My mother made me rise before dawn to learn their truths when I lived as a child in a foreign land.” In terms of Obama’s purported aim for his speech – to present a plan for closing Guantanamo Bay aimed at placating Congress – he failed. The reception on Capitol Hill was lukewarm with even Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Cheney’s speech wasn’t stylish; there were no rhetorical flourishes and the tone was bitingly sarcastic and disdainful at times. But it was effective in many respects and Cheney showed that Obama is not invulnerable. Here are 10 of the punches he landed on the President’s jaw

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