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What Happened to Hash?

You still out there?

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Seymour Hersh Gets Spanked

Hersh offers this warning about quoting him: “This is another example of blogs going bonkers with misleading and fabricated stories and professional journalists repeating such rumours without doing their job – and that is to verify such rumours.” That’s true – for a previous example of professional journalists using Hersh stories without fact checking them see “Abu Ghraib”: When Hersh was caught lying on video regarding that story he was quick to walk it back, too: “I actually didn’t quite say what I wanted to say correctly,” Hersh now says. “It wasn’t that inaccurate, but it was misstated. The next thing I know, it was all over the blogs.”

Translation: “I’m a liar, and if you repeat what I say without fact-checking me I’ll call you a liar too.”

via Imaginary Death Squads

Of course, as Greyhawk notes, morons like Olberdouche and his sidekick Howie Fineman believe Hersh is “Speaking Truth to Power™”, and is an insightful, well-informed and heavily connected source of information… even though his track record when he actually puts fingers to keyboard–we get the New Yorker here at the Igloo, and believe me, this toad lives on un-named sources to the point that I have given up on reading his crap–well, his track record sucks sweaty monkey balls.

It’s become far too easy to make accusations like these, far too easy to casually slander members of the armed forces and far too easy for those doing so to back-pedal, or claim they’re blaming the leaders of these troops – that these murderous thugs are as much victims of those leaders as are the corpses they’ve left in their wake.

It’s far too easy to merely shake your head in disgust at the entire state of affairs, shrug and wander away. It’s harder to fight back – it always is. The miscalculation made by those who’d continue their attacks time after time after time was to assume veterans wouldn’t notice they were being branded, or that they would welcome that “victim” status, or simply choose that easy shrug and walk away.

They guessed wrong.

Legal Insurrection has more Seymour beatdown.

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