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Archive for "May 18 2009"

Another Bullet in the Old Gray Lady’s Ass [Updated]

Now, I’m all for cutting & pasting. As a blogger I do it all the time, but I always give credit.

So, if this isn’t outright plagiarism by a top NY Times Editorialist, than I’m a happily married, straight man with 4 kids, 2 dogs, a lovely 2nd wife of 15 years with a girl half my age on the side.

Which I assure you all, I am not.

via NY Times’ Maureen Dowd Plagiarizes TPM’s Josh Marshall

AllahPundit: “In fact, the beauty of MoDo’s snafu is that not only does it show a major player in the media being led around by nutroots talking points, it involves her lifting stuff from a blog that’s actually called “Talking Points.” Glorious. Exit question: Any predictions as to what her excuse will be?”

Her excuse:

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, in an email to Huffington Post, admits that a paragraph in her Sunday column was lifted from Talking Points Memo editor Josh Marshall’s blog last Thursday.

Dowd claims that she never read his blog last week but was told the line by a friend of hers. In a follow-up email, she forwarded her desire to apologize to Marshall, writing that had she known, she would have gladly credited Marshall.

As noted in thejoshuablog’s and Allah’s post, by “talking” to her un-named friend, MoDo may have actually been IMing with someone who had cut and pasted the passage from Marshall’s original post, and failed to cite the source. Still, MoDo didn’t attribute her friend as the source of the passage when she, too, did a quick C&P job, changed a couple of words, and presented it to the world as her own, original work. But it is, undeniably, a stone cold fact MoDo stole that riff and foisted on her readership as a product of her construction.

Of course, nothing will come of this. There will be no furious outcry for MoDo’s head on a platter, as there would be if a right-wing columnist was busted ripping off Josh Marshall’s work–or, “worse,” Marshall getting ripped off by some right-leaning blogger whose subsequent posting similarly bubbled up to a major media outlet.

But it does show you just how hard-wired the lefty blogosphere is to the members of the lefty MSM’s echo chamber.

Now, I don’t believe MoDo’s excuse for a NY minute. She couldn’t admit she lifted the passage from Marshall’s blog post without attribution, so this “friend” is stuck in the middle strictly as a CYA cutout to shield herself from admitting she actually did read the original post, and thought ripping off some blogger was perfectly fine for one of the Old Gray Lady’s top-line columnists.

UPDATE: Steve Benen:

Dowd’s explanation is, to put it mildly, unpersuasive. In fact, Jamison Foser asks the right question: “So how do you think Maureen Dowd would react if, say, Joe Biden ripped off a few dozen of someone else’s words, then offered up an excuse this lame? Or if Al Gore did?”

The Biden question is especially relevant, since Dowd personally helped end Biden’s presidential campaign in 1987 … exposing a plagiarism problem.


Coincidence? Two writers coming up with the exact same thought and phrasing right down to the punctuation? Possible, but the odds are astronomical.

Does MoDo have access to an Infinite Improbability Drive?

Jammie Wearing Fool: Greatest Mea Culpa, Evah!

the bullet list.

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