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Archive for "May 07 2009"

It’s Not a ‘Vast [blank] Wing Conspiracy’ if Everyone In On It Rides To The Magic Negro’s Tune

“Y’know, it’s frakkin’ hard to be professional journalists when Teh Messiah and Loose Lips Biden want to buy the press crew burgers with dijon…”
/sarc off

God, that right there’s a frickin non-story, one that has some wingnuts getting giggity, and some Obamabots getting farking retarded.

What, Barry eats “wussie” mustard? Really? You telling me you like that pasty yellow bullshit better than something with a kick?

I’ll shove a jug a Gulden’s down your throat and YOU WILL LIKE IT!

If Fox News anchors started posting on HA [Hot Air], the hunt would be on for every last incendiary sentence ever left in the comments to prove that we’re a “hate” site. As it is, the leading lights at CBS, NBC, and MSNBC have been known to grace sludge pits like HuffPo and dKos and nary an eye is blinked, even when they “forget” to mention that they’re blogging there. I can almost understand that, though: Given the media’s own ideological slant, lefty sites must seem to them practically nonpartisan in tone, in much the same way that the left is forever convinced it represents the ideological center. This mini-expose could have gone much further, needless to say — it ain’t just media types who turn up at dKos, and the lack of any mention of JournoList is almost a fatal flaw — but it’s a noble attempt.

via Video: How big media partners with left-wing blogs

Allah is spot on: if ‘major players’ were posting to sites like Hot Air, Pajamas, or pretty much anywhere, it would be grounds to immediately re-institute the “Fairness Doctrine.”

But Housecritters, Senators, and members of the MSM can post with impunity on blatantly biased websites without ever being called to task by their colleagues in the major media who have not delved into that ego brew.

For the vast–and it still is vast–members of the American electorate, this stuff that’s distro’d on Twitter or Memeorandum is never offered up to the general public in the name of “full disclosure.”

It may have grown in size, but it is still the same old “echo chamber.”

Those Beltway-Boston “kids who run the school news” are just trying to figure out how they can co-opt the new crew.

The idea that newspapers are standing on the edge of their graves, in the “inside baseball” conversations, never, ever gives an argument to the idea that fucking assholes like Mike Lupica–possibly the most over-rated douche who ever covered sports–might be the EXACT PROBLEM.

Deadspin kills his little amidget Manhattan ass.


Burger Cookbook Throwdown–Bobby Flay Vs. Burger Bar

Flay is sometimes an annoying bastard, and I liked seeing him get his ass whupped when he tried a pizza throwdown with one of my local dough-throwing pros, but you gotta give the boy props when it comes to cooking meat on a grill.

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Manny Should Have Stuck With “Just Being Manny”

He should have stayed with being baked on the Chronic:

Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez tested positive for a banned performance-enhancing substance, incurring an immediate 50-game suspension and serving as the highest-profile reminder yet that the use of such drugs in the testing era may have been reduced, but not eradicated.

via Manny Ramirez tests positive for drug, suspended 50 games

I guess this gets A-Hole some breathing room when he re-joins the team next week… at least among the press.

I’m still gonna probably end up calling for his head if he doesn’t come flying out the gate and help supply enough runs so that nightmare Yankee bullpen can’t screw games the way they have so far this season.

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