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What He Said


As As outrageous as billions for the UAW is, though, it pales compared to giving $3 billion to ACORN and contracts to conduct the census, to make it a permanent wing of the US Government. Any politician who votes any money to ACORN under any pretext needs to be thrown out of office on a recall vote.


Let me just add, for my UK friends, that I can’t work up any dudgeon over the Michael Savage thing, not because Michael Savage isn’t a dick–I think he is–but because I’m just not sure that there’s anything to try to save anymore. If you’d have told me at the time that the BBC would see that the cost of Blair’s alliance after 9-11 would have been British liberty, I wouldn’t have believed it.

The Chrysler deal is an affront to everything American law, in relation to enterprise, has ever represented. Bambi is telling the investing “class” that they better not trust America’s ass when it comes to what was considered the legitimate legal standard; Homey don’t play that shit no more.

What money manager in his right mind would put a plug nickel into this clusterfuck? As widely noted, the non-TARP entwined hedge funds–who the tax cheat running Treasury needs more than anyone else to deal with getting those “toxic assets” off the books–need to be batshit insane to sign onto any deal with this Administration.

And can anyone tell me a good reason that the Chinese, after seeing what Teh Messiah is willing to do to his own people, would trust any paper they bought that helps prop up this farce?


As per Weiner/Savage: He just went from a jackass nobody to a jackass “Who?” because some stupid douche included his name on an out-of-the-gate ridiculous list.

Hey, England? Call me when you’re not ashamed of St. George.

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