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Yadda yadda…

Meet The New Boss:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry A. Waxman, both of California, were among the Democrats — then in the minority — who slammed Vice President Dick Cheney for holding closed-door meetings to draft energy policy early in the Bush administration.

Republicans “invited energy lobbyists to write the energy bill that gouges consumers with big payoffs to Big Gas and Big Oil,” Mrs. Pelosi said in 2005. “They have turned Washington D.C. into an oil and gas town when it is supposed to be the city of innovation of new of fresh ideas about our energy policy.”

But the sweeping climate bill Mr. Waxman and Rep. Edward J. Markey Massachusetts Democrat and chairman of the panel’s key environmental subcommittee, introduced at the end of March includes a provision that benefits Duke Energy Corp., a founding member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership USCAP whose climate plan released in January the lawmakers have frequently called a “blueprint” for their climate legislation.

The exemption would save Duke Energy — along with other firms now building new coal power plants — from having to spend millions of dollars outfitting its Cliffside N.C. power plant currently under construction with “clean coal” technology.

“The USCAP companies must be delirious over the freebies that they’ve received after writing the blueprint for [the House draft bill],” said Larry Neal, deputy Republican staff director for the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Wife™ was just laid offed, because–according to her boss–“everybody is scared shitless and wants to nail down every dollar.”

My idiot Regulars? I am officially at war. Herself’s position was intrinsically linked to Fed compliance at her offshore company, and her company decided they don’t need to play that Fed game no more… even though the Feds are saying they are gonna amp the whole thing up….

Don’t buy gold. Buy barter material. And if you live in tight ‘burbs to the “major” city centers?

You are on your own.

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