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About Yesterday’s Asinine, Totally Screwed Up PR Stunt

I heard them, but didn’t see them. Thank God I wasn’t still living in St. George, because I would recognize the plane’s paint job, and that would have doubled the freak out quotient.

Perfunction: Gibbs & Napolitano Twist Over NYC Photo-Op; Brian Williams: Someone Should Pay

Two things:
A: If they really, really needed to refresh their photo library–though there is no damn reason I can think of in a world where any half-assed dork with a copy of Photoshop can whip one up–why not do it on a Sunday morning, when there are damn few people around down there that are going to be scared shitless seeing a 747 making passes around office buildings, with a combat aircraft riding its wing?

B: Why has, as far as I can tell, no one gotten absolutely livid that these goddamn bastards detailed an F-16 Falcon to act as the photography platform for this king high circle jerk?

The reason the White House gives for this stupidity was a “photo-op,” looking for an ‘iconic’ shot of AF-1 over the Statue of Liberty, right? Well then, that means some fucking chowderhead decided that a combat aircraft was the best choice to be snapping the pics, because that’s the only place anyone could have snapped the sought for picture from.

Allah’s got more video. Pay attention to the second one, that shows just how low those planes were flying.

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