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Da BlogMama on Teh Messiah’s Mad Diplo Skillz [Updated]

For some reason, she’s in England, yet she’s smarter than the entirety of The One’s cadre:

According to a person close to the situation, Obama hasn’t yet appointed a chief of protocol and his staffers, still unpacking, didn’t realize that the State Department has an entire office dedicated to foreign visits.

Jesus on the river, is this a hoax?

I am just a nobody Texas blogger, and I’ll never meet the Queen or 20 other foreign heads of state on foreign soil, and even if I do, it won’t be broadcast all over Earth, but I still took a few hours here and there to perform due diligence before we came over here, frantically trying to learn all I could about the customs and culture of the UK so that shopkeepers and pubsters wouldn’t think I was a dumbshit. Let alone royalty and the entire planet.

Oh wait a minute, wait just a gall-darn minute. I have figured it out: IT’S BUSH’S FAULT!!!!

Why didn’t Bush’s outgoing people explain all of this to Obama’s transition team? Huh? HUH? Karl Rove, that scheming magnificent bastard, he planned it all! He bribed someone into making sure Obama’s flunkies wouldn’t even KNOW there was an entire office of protocol, and right now he’s in a cave somewhere rubbing his Saudi-oil-stained little hands together and cackling like the Nazi maniac that he is. Bwahahaaa!

(You know that’s what some of the Kos/Huffpo/Rosie O’Donnells are thinking right now. Bet your balls on it.)

read it in all it’s snarky goodness.

UPDATE: Oh Good Lord!

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