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Archive for "Feb 27 2009"

NYU Offers Moonbats a Wrist Slap

The jagoffs who spoke of “consensus!” a few days back better put their collective ass together and decide to accept deal as given:

Let’s consider the damage done: an estimated financial impact of over $80,000, including the costs of heightened security, minor repairs to the Kimmel Center and disruption to dining services; an NYU security guard physically harmed; and many students inconvenienced. Next, the consequences for a few of those who caused the disruption: a week of suspension from school and a year of ineligibility for student leadership positions.

If $80,000 is a fair estimate of the financial impact of the occupation, there seems to be a large discrepancy between the damage caused and the consequences doled out. NYU cannot and should not punish these students for putting on a poorly planned protest, but the students’ disregard for the well-being of the security guards and their purposeful destruction of private property deserve more than this symbolic slap on the wrist.

I’ll bet they won’t even blink when it comes to the monetary damages; but that “year of ineligibility for student leadership positions” will be the deal-breaker, since these bozos believe they are the vanguard of the “Take Back NYU!” alliance.

(Really now, “Take Back?” When did you dweebs ever own it? Y’know, there is a reason your shitty athletic teams are still ridiculously named “The Violets.” As you’ve shown, NYU’s current student body is seriously lacking in teh balls. I mean, c’mon! If your main collegiate sports rivals are Columbia.…)

via JammieWearingFool, who notes what such a meek response from NYU’s administration will mean: “This just invites another silver-spoon revolution over some perceived grievance. Booting these punks from school is the proper course of action, but instead they get a wrist slap and a laugh at the school’s expense.”

JWF refers back to the video documenting these “revolutionary” ass-hatted misfits and says, “For this alone they deserve jail time.”

On this, TC@LP agrees. Any people that bloody out of tune with reality should do time in the Tombs, for the sake of humanity.

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