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Archive for "Feb 25 2009"

TC’s Newly Designated Punching Bag Burps Up Some World Class Bullshit

I am gonna make a point of beating this bitch every chance I get.

The Delonas cartoon was offensive for reasons unrelated to race. No sane person enjoyed seeing or reading about police killing the chimpanzee. They may as well have killed Bonzo. Compounding the horror of this poor animal drawn dead and bleeding was the knowledge of its gruesome attack on a woman, who at the time was in critical condition.

Not funny.

Let’s add even another layer of cultural understanding — the too-oft-read headline: “White cop shoots unarmed black.” One can parse the circumstances in each case, but the statistical evidence is that these shootings happen too often.

Screw you, Toots. That crazy chick who owned the monkey should also have gotten her psycho ass shot dead for creating the environment that led to the inevitable circumstance. And shootings like Diallo are an aberration, not a piece of a pattern. If your theorom about cops indiscriminately shooting down Black men was true, Bed Stuy, at this time, would be getting gentrified by white yuppie fucks.

“Black man guns down unarmed Black man” is far more prevalent in our current society than your hopelessly dated cliche.

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Teh Messiah Speaketh; Teh Market Tanketh

Stocks drop as Obama speech and housing data weigh – Yahoo! Finance

There will be a bounce when people jump in to pick off some bargains, but really now: when will these morons learn to just STFU?

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