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Archive for "Feb 22 2009"

29 Years Ago Today, a Miracle Occurred

Another thing that makes me feel so goddamn old.
It was the first time a hockey game I wasn’t playing in made me cry. The only other occasion was Messier making everyone on Long island STFU about “19-40!”

The classic Al Michaels’ call:

and newly discovered coverage via FARK. Fast forward to about the 7:30 mark if you suffer from A.D.D.

If Jim Craig–who did everything but stand on his head trying to keep the puck out of his net, draped in a flag, looking into the stands for his father, didn’t make you cry like a baby that day… well, then, I put pity (and spit) on you.

Fuck Reagan; knocking off the Russians was when the United States announced “we are goddamned BACK!”

PS: If Alexander Ovechkin isn’t the Second Coming of Gordie Howe, there’ll never be one. That bastard is frightfully, insanely great. A complete monster who knows how to score? He’s gotta give every NHL goalie a serious case of the “terrified for my life” heebie-jeebies, and make a pissant like the Penguins’ Crosby (aka: “The league’s new ‘Golden Boy'”) absolutely wet himself.

PPS: When the hell did the Caps get their shit together?

If Theodore can stand up, they’re gonna win The Cup.

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