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Archive for "Feb 15 2009"

This is Too Funny

Watching Sen. Burris’s press conference–in front of the Chicago press corps–and he is making a damn fool of himself, trying to deny he lied in his original testimony and affidavits. The reporters keep hurling his own words at him, and how his uttered-under-oath-words amount to lying following his “updated” testimony (which, according to one of the reporters, is his third version of events), and he keeps trying to say (paraphrase) “No, you don’t understand!”

It got so bad Burris’s lawyer tried to intervene and stop the onslaught, and the reporters chewed him up and tore back into the hapless bastard’s client.

These reporters, veterans of Chicago’s special brand of corrupt politicos, are showing this United States Senator absolutely no respect or credulity for his answers (or, more correctly, “non-answers”). At one point Burris offered some particularly convoluted answer that you could hear one reporter reply, “Oh, c’mon!”

Can’t wait to see the fallout once this press conference hit YouTube and all of Bloglandia start attacking/defending this old fool. I know he’s gonna be Topic One on “Morning Joe” and the other morning shows come Monday morning.

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