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Okay, Now They’re Just Toying With Me

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A Confederacy of Cronies, Cranks, and Crackpots

Whichever of these bozos ends up winning, I’m betting the district still ends up getting screwed.

Case in point: Tom Curitore. Dude’s campaign HQ is right around the corner from LP’s Igloo. I sauntered over when I noticed the awning for the previous tenant, a defunct real estate agent, had been replaced with a spiffy blue number screaming his name in mile-high type. “Who the hell?” was my initial reaction. Upon entering the office, with BootzDog in tow, I was greeted by two middle-aged cuginettes, who, after a little bit of good natured banter and boilerplate campaign talking points, tried to press me into service as a neighborhood canvasser.

“Girls,” I said, “I am probably one of the biggest politics junkies ’round these here parts, and I’d never even heard your boy’s name until I saw that sign over your door. Also, as a rule, I pretty much distrust anyone involved in Staten Island politics. So unless you’re gonna be paying me, there’s no chance in hell I’m gonna play shill for a guy I don’t even know. There’s even less of a chance I’m gonna go knock on doors.”

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