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Archive for "Jan 23 2009"

Teh Friday’s “Flotsam & Jetsam,” Politics & Media Edition

I’ve been a bit out of the loop lately.

Wife™, in a bone-busting display of both her training in Dance (Hawkins), agility, and ability to listen to Yours Truly,

(“DO NOT; I repeat, DO NOT allow him ANY long lead if you’re walking him on iced over sidewalks. Resctrict him to two feet or he’ll kill you.

… and for God’s sakes if you’re going to fall down don’t think your hand is gonna stop anything. ‘Tuck and Roll’ when you know you are going down.”)

and so She… She managed to fracture her left wrist the other night while out walking BootzDog by wiping out on some sidewalk ice.

I am now, Officially, “Da Nurse.” My first order of business was giving the Patient shit for being abject derision in the setting of HerSelf’s cast. “You’re cutting that… thing… off comes next Tuesday? No. I ain’t buying that. You’ll wear it for three weeks.”

And, once again, I was dragged out of the room.

Wife™ busted her wrist all up on the night of the Obama Ascendancy. I find that kinda kismet-ee-ish. Her left hand is her “go-to” hand. As she was screaming (not from pain, but general pissed-off-id-ness), “Take Me to Emergency Room!” while I, who has broked both wrists, an elbow, a shoulder, and had my right ankle destroyed by having a car roll over it (in addition to other, “pain of the game” bustups), was saying, “WILL YOU STFU AND LET ME SET THIS SHIT IN A SPLINT BEFORE WE GO TO THE FUCKING ER ROOM?”

That didn’t… how does one say? “Go down well.”

So now I now have been doing a majority of her left hand work… which, in things like, say, bathing, is not a bad thing. But cutting up her food is bringing out the Mommy in me… and a neverending supply of “I told you! THERE ARE RULES WHEN YOU KNOW YOU’RE GONNA FALL DOWN.”

Anyway, here’s a big ass dump of things I’m mulling over:

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