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Air America Idiot Update

Today’s illustrative reason for why I hardly ever use this headline anymore is brought to you by a ridiculously talentless asshat; a mook who is so awful in his chosen profession that even Air Idiot themselves canned his ass, and he’s since been relegated to sat radio and YouTube oblivion, where he claims to be a huge (and successful!) star.

If this is this moron’s idea of comedy, his current circumstance makes perfect sense.

Cenk Uygur: Air America v. Fox News

In 2008, former Air America host, Al Franken was elected the next Senator from Minnesota. Current Air America host Rachel Maddow was given her own television show on MSNBC, where she instantly doubled the ratings and even beat legendary Larry King on CNN (and also tripled the ratings of current Fox host Glenn Beck when he was on CNN Headline News in the same time slot).

In 2008, no Fox News host or anchor became a United States Senator. Nor did anyone double their ratings. To be fair, they still did relatively well in the ratings although both CNN and MSNBC closed ground on them during the year.

Oh yeah, one other thing–their parent corporation lost a tremendous amount of money. The Rupert Murdoch run News Corporation lost $30 billion in market cap.
Yes, Fox’s parent corporation lost a stunning $30 billion in value in 2008. Boy, those conservatives sure know how to run a business!

The stupid is strong in this one.

First, Franken has not yet won his battle for that Minnesota Senate seat, and that electoral mess probably will not be resolved anytime soon. Next, Maddow’s ratings may be double what the show hosted by the amazingly boring Dan Abrams that preceded her in her MSNBC time slot pulled, but doubling an absolutely pitiful number a) ain’t really all that big a deal, b) only tops Larry King in a particular demographic–which the article Uygur uses to make that assertion plainly states, and c) Hannity–even though now Colmes-less–just beat the bejeezus out of Maddow and King, combined, his first night working solo, and bested Maddow by nearly one million viewers the following night (when King also topped Maddow, by roughly one half million viewers).

While no one can argue with Maddow’s relative success, just wait a couple of months; I’ll bet Maddow, and Olbydouche, will take significant hits in the ratings when they won’t have BushCo to kick around anymore.

Finally, citing News Corp’s market cap… well, that’s just goddamn meaningless, considering current economic conditions. Besides, at least News Corp. actually HAS a market cap, while Air Idiot’s entire net worth–if such a thing actually exists– is probably less than what Fox News spends on Sean Hannity’s hair products.

There’s some snarky Cenk smacking by Guy Benson over at NRO’s Media Blog.

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