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Did Team Bambi Actually Vett ANY of their Cabinet Picks?

This is getting more ridiculous, in an “of course Caroline is qualified, why would you ever think not?” way that makes the entire Barry Transit Team look like a pack of weenies….

and now this?
Obama’s Climahysteria Czar Has Socialist And Carbon Offset Ties » Pirate’s Cove — Shiny!
Between this chick and Hillary, there are so many money funnies going on that beggars any question that does not begin: “Where are their loyalties?”

Holder is the dirtiest fuck I have ever seen named to so high a post.

“Call Me Spic!” threw himself (or got pushed) under the bus when the blindingly dumb Bambi Transition Team somehow… without looking at public records… found out he had a Fed Grand Jury biting at his ass.

Holder is gonna see a shitstorm. Holder, while in Hillary’s employ, arranged pardon for fuckers who lived to blow up NYPD. He also greased the skids for Marc Rich.

I’m stopping now… I’m getting too fucking pissed off to get into the idea that the guy charged to oversee the IRS didn’t bother paying his taxes until doing so was forced upon him.

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