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There Can Be Only One

Hope! Change! Witch Hunting Time!

Jacques Francois Horseface antes up:

Washington — Douglas Frantz, a former managing editor of the Los Angeles Times, has been chosen to be chief investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as it reorganizes under its new chairman, Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.).

An obvious opening salvo in the battle for the nutroots’ soul. Lurch could have–should have–named a person with a track record as an… what’s the term I’m looking for?… oh, yeah: actual prosecutor. Instead, he picks a guy from a second tier newspaper that has basically been turned into Patterico’s whipping boy due to their blatant editorial and reporting bias… a fishwrap which, if memory serves properly, was the origin of the “Magic Negro” imbroglio. Instead of someone with an established record as a top-flight forensic investigator, Horseface picks a guy whose previous gig centered on getting dish, or sucking up, on Hollywood celebrities, while simultaneously bashing everything and anything that diverts from the addled PC mindset that grips the City of Angels’ hoi polloi.

So, the betting window is now open. How soon does this “chief investigator” decide to issue subpoenas to Darth Rove and Cheney and open the “BushHitlerHalliburton!” kangaroo court “hearings” that Kerry wants to lord over, in a feckless attempt to rehabilitate his stature from “widely acknowledged jackass” to “elder statesman”?

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