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Allah Doesn’t Do Spell Check

a gazillion Yeshiva students giggle and say OY! You can’t be that stupid.

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Let’s Start the New Year Right!

framelessImage via WikipediaBy featuring an atheist douchebag!

The suit asserts that the plaintiffs are faced with the terrible dilemma of having to watch a ceremony that will “exclude” and “stigmatize” them because it contains religious components, and that this places them an awful, untenable position (to watch, and suffer these indignities, or miss out on the completely awesome awesomeness of it all).

Allow me to retort. You exclude and stigmatize yourselves with your idiotic theatrics and perpetual aggrievement lawsuits. Also, you’re a bunch of knuckleheads.

Is “knuckleheads” too harsh?

… yadda, yadda, etc….

Incidentally, there’s a reason I swiped used ace’s qualifier “evangelical” atheist. Mostly that the rest of us get along just fine, respectfully, and we don’t sue each other over stupid shit.

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