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Archive for "Dec 16 2008"

Scarborough Goes to the Shoes, Beats Barnicle Like a Girl; Curtis Immediately Fits Him for Cap, Sateen Jacket

He does more like this, he will friggin’ kill…Teh monstrous TV funny be here, but Joe has been getting friggin’ crazy on his radio show.

I mean, the boy’s been going batshit insane while denigrating Mika and screaming crazy on the AM band… :

JOE SCARBOROUGH: How rich is it that we sit around and say “we don’t know, we have to wait until Obama tells us. We don’t know what these connections, we don’t know whether he really ran the 2002 [Blago] campaign or not”? Again, I will guarantee you, if Sarah Palin had run the most corrupt–if Sarah Palin had run Ted Stevens’s campaign in 2002, and somebody had bragged about it in the New Yorker, the press would have savaged her. But we sit here now, it’s almost Christmas, and we don’t know the truth about it. We don’t know the truth about any of this, because we haven’t done the investigative work.


SCARBOROUGH [temperature rising]: To look at the background of a candidate who had only been in national politics for one year before he decided to run for president of the United States, and was born from the most corrupt political city in America. Do you not think, do we not think, that warranted an investigation? Not to suggest he did anything wrong, but to see what his background was?

HARWOOD: Of course. There was coverage of his background–Ryan Lizza’s piece.

SCARBOROUGH: OK, then tell me this–yeah, Lizza’s the only one that wrote about it and he got kicked off the campaign plane. So here’s my question for you: if we know so much about this, answer this question. Did Barack Obama, was Barack Obama intimately involved in Blagojevich’s 2002 campaign?

HARWOOD: He was involved, I don’t know how intimately.

SCARBOROUGH: Why? Why don’t you know that?

Scarborough Rips MSM: In Wasilla Instead of Investigating Obama-Blago Connection |

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