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St. Andrew of the Heartaching Gobsmack (Once Again) Gets Bitchslapped

Jules Crittenden: Why Palin Matters….

To Andrew Sullivan. It’s an interesting question, because aside from Prop. 8, Palin is almost all you find on his site these days. Blah blah blah, Palin this, Palin that. McCain, GOP in disarray. Obama, post for post, line for line, expended emotion for expended emotion, barely rates, even though it’s his job for the next four years. I voted for them and I don’t even care that much about Palin or McCain … or for that matter about the GOP’s post-loss garment-rending, tooth-gnashing and back-stabbing. Sullivan’s obsessed with her.

I think Andy has a fungus growing on his brain, due to all the cum he’s taken in his ass and his face. He declares himself as being “conservative,” whilst, as Ace may be tempted to put it if you load him up with Value-Rite:

Sully’s about conservative as my goddamn cat. He is living an anti-Catholic, pornographic… nay, pedophiliac life… of small import to the rest of the commonweal, Andrew Sullivan wants all us heteronormatives to immediately contract HIV, so we can emphasize, and thus come to terms, with the queer sonufabitch living inside all of us.

/end rant

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