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Team Bambi to MSM: “Thanks for all the help. Now we’re gonna make you obsolete.”

To any sentient being, the fact that the MSM was in the tank for the Messiah was obvious. The WaPo’s ombudman, Deborah Howell, admitted as much yesterday, while some jackass from Reuters insists on the opposite, and wheels out a couple of academe-based assholes to provide support to his premise (a premise which Brent Baker at Newsbusters casually obliterates).

Well, all that heavy lifting (and objectivity shredding) the MSM performed to help get the Chosen One to the White House was all for naught, because Obama’s administration ain’t gonna need them anymore:

Obama aides and allies are preparing a major expansion of the White House communications operation, enabling them to reach out directly to the supporters they have collected over 21 months without having to go through the mainstream media.

Under Obama, Web Would Be the Way –

As part of the presidential transition, Obama officials are looking to add a significant “new media” component to the White House communications operation. The campaign employed 95 people in its Internet operation, building a user-friendly Web site that served as a platform for grass-roots activities and distributed statements, policy positions and footage of Obama events. The White House Web operation will follow a similar but probably more ambitious path, transition officials said.

Once they have this system in place at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the MSM will be completely irrelevant to The One. With an expanded cadre of Digital Brownshirts waiting for their marching orders, anyone seen as an impediment to Obama’s agenda will have the unbridled fury of ObamaNation unleashed upon them. Hell, The One won’t need the traditional “honeymoon” period a newly-elected President usually receives to start making good on his campaign promises and applying his policies; he can do a lot of it merely with a stroke of a pen across paper. Anyone who complains about it will feel the Brownies’ fury, while The One will explain his moves and motives not to CBS, NBC, CNN or other news outlets, instead spinning his story straight to YouTube.

So, MSM, your tenure as Useful Idiots has come to an end. And if, for some reason, you bastards decide to properly do your goddamn jobs, and hold the Obama administration’s feet to the fire, expect the Brownshirts to treat you in a manner that will make your treatment of Sarah Palin seem like a day in the candy store. Indeed, any member of Congress who does not toe the Messiah’s line will be in the same situation. That hackneyed bromide that “it is patriotic to dissent” is gonna be tossed in the dustbin.

Seriously though, it is quite delicious to see you MSM morons in this predicament; kinda reminds me of Dr. Frankenstein getting killed by his own creation.

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