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Archive for "Oct 24 2008"

What He (Mostly) Said

Why Barack Obama Scares Me

I think he’s actually taking too narrow a view of why the Messiah will be an unmitigated disaster. The One’s cheerleaders keep claiming they trust his “wisdom,” and his campaign materials proclaim his “judgment to lead.”

Well, I haven’t seen, heard or read any goddamn evidence of that being remotely true. Instead, what I have seen in Baracky is a political chimera; someone who is so ready to pander to any audience that he endorsed both teams playing in the World Series… on the same goddamn day. And when he doesn’t think there’s someone recording his words can casually denigrate large swaths of what, if he wins, would be the populace he seeks to lead.

I have seen a candidate that, for the first time in my life, was outright adopted by the MSM, receiving zero scrutiny despite the flimsiest resume, and a background that the media studiously ignored (except when referring to his version recounted in his two books), despite gaping holes in his story. At the same time, his media poodles have done everything imaginable–and occasionally reprehensible–to destroy any threat, real (Sarah Palin) or perceived (Joe the Plumber), to their Chosen One’s coronation.

All of this does not so much scare me as it disgusts and enrages me. Most people have a grasp of who either candidate is when they cast their ballot. Because of the MSM’s efforts on behalf of the Messiah, a large chunk of the voting populace has no clear idea who Barack Obama really is; what (and who) formed him and his political perspective related to the country he seeks to lead, or the world we exist in….

“Hope! Change!”

If he wins: Pray.

Captain Obvious Reports: 7 of 10 Americans Can See, Read, Recognize Unbridled Media Bias

In recent presidential campaigns, voters repeatedly have said they thought journalists favored the Democratic candidate over the Republican. But this year’s margin is particularly wide. At this stage of the 2004 campaign, 50% of voters said most journalists wanted to see John Kerry win the election, while 22% said most journalists favored George Bush. In October 2000, 47% of voters said journalists wanted to see Al Gore win and 23% said most journalists wanted Bush to win. In 1996, 59% said journalists were pulling for Bill Clinton.

In the current campaign, Republicans, Democrats and independents all feel that the media wants to see Obama win the election. Republicans are almost unanimous in their opinion: 90% of GOP voters say most journalists are pulling for Obama. More than six-in-ten Democratic and independent voters (62% each) say the same.

Most Voters Say News Media Wants Obama to Win

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