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Archive for "Oct 23 2008"

“The Great One” Goes Nuclear on Pissant N.M. Senator

So this unknown back-bencher is stupid enough to say he’s all in favor of re-instituting that idiocy (especially in this technological age) known as “The Fairness Doctrine” (previous TC screeds here).

There’s reaction among the usual suspects, but the topic has not–at this time–seemed to hit the (entirely in the Bambi tank) Memeorandum folks as being newsworthy, even though Pelosi, Reid, Durbin and “Lurch” Kerry are all on record backing the idea. Many people, including some delusional folks posting at the New York Radio Message Board, believe that since The One has issued a statement saying he does not “favor” such a thing, that he would actually veto the bill when it hits his desk.

That’s just World Class Dumbass. You gotta be dumber than a bag of rocks to think he’ll tell them “No” by issuing a veto, that, in all likely-hood, would be overridden.

Aside: It’s as likely as his “under the bus” Granny is so sick that it took a week from him announcing he was flying to her side before he actually got on the goddamn plane!

Sorry. In my house, you drop everything and run; damn the consequences. But Barry kept campaining until this weekend. /End Aside

But one of the obvious targets of this potentially re-enacted legislation has amped it up, and declared war, specifically, on the dumbass who uttered these words into a live mic by bringing the back-bencher’s inherent corruption right to his front door:

Mrs. Senator Jeff ‘Fairness Doctrine’ Bingaman rec’d $2.5 million to lobby Congress

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