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Archive for "Oct 09 2008"

Jackass of the Week Award

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A Racist Campaign? Look in a Mirror, Harry

Example #246,312 of someone NOT in McCain’s camp dealing the ‘race’ card:

We’ve been down this road before, haven’t we? Except last time, the race-baiting was being done by some random columnist and this time it’s … the Senate majority leader. Note how exquisitely casually it’s done, too. So commonplace is this sort of rhetoric among Democrats that it’s apt to bubble up even in the course of otherwise cheerful conversation.

His claim that there’s no connection between Obama and Raines except their skin color?

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Harry Reid: Linking Obama to Franklin Raines is racist

This Makes No Sense to Me…

Someone used the following to arrive in my igloo… should I be proud?

As this campaign has gone further and further down the rabbit hole, I keep thinking, “Google’s algorythmns have gone insane, and Memeorandum’s editors are fucking douchebags* when it comes to what makes their listings.”

(*= that crew has only once–ONCE–included me in their “discussion” listings, even though I regularly link to things they have listed at the top of their story tiers. That link was “disappeared” withing a couple of hours. The NY fucking Times, WaPo, RCP, and other websites purporting to inform visitors about what’s being bandied about in Bloglandia on a topic have included me in their roundups at a far greater rate than them Memorandum editors.)

If you believe THEY–the people running ‘Meme,’–aren’t also in the Barry Tank, I’d like you to note that the link provided concerning my argument with the Meme Team leads to a couple of Flickr screen caps that I DID NOT DELETE.

Yet, they’re gone. And Flickr can’t (or won’t) explain why they disappeared. Those pics were back-linked to my own servers, but those links seem to have been severed.

I set them up so, if you clicked on the pic, you went to MY SERVER. That went by the bye and bye.

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