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What me (with a little re-write) says:

Will you Feckless Fenway Fuckwits put these Cali bitches in the ditch and get on with it? Manny is looking at the Phillies’ pitching, and saying, “Yes. There will be blood.” And leans in, like a Washie Heights guy….

He wants you BEANTOWN bastards.

(Some PR dweeb leans in, mumbles under his breath, tells ManRam to remember the movie he’s talking about. Manny says, “What the fuck are you talking about? “Milkshakes? Tell Reggie I stirred his fucking milkshake!”

(okay, Manny couldn’t be caught dead talking that way on a good day, but you know what I mean. And if you don’t fuck you. it makes sense to baseball fans)

Torre is just balls bouncing off the the floor laughing at the ridiculous of this. The World Series might likely be “The Revenge Olympic.”


WaPo Pundit Re-Interprets a Classic Rather-gate Psuedo Aphorism to Defend The One

Arts & Ammo » False But Justified

Four years ago, mainstream media peddled their bias with Dan Rather’s famous phrase, “fake but accurate.” This year we are treated to its corollary: False but justified.

Sebastian Mallaby couples the following two points in his Washington Post column:

1. The Obama campaign is falsely blaming the financial mess on McCain-style deregulation.

2. It is “mostly justified” that Obama reap the benefit.

It is justified because the author says Obama is “more thoughtful on the economy.” That’s it.

Being more thoughtful does not mean being right, but being right is apparently not as important as being thoughtful. It comforts liberals to envision people thinking hard about difficult questions, even when they come up with the wrong answer. Consequences be damned.

Do these mooks really, honestly believe the general public can’t notice how far over, to the point their ears are brushing their Achilles’ heels, they are willing to bend over in defence of the Chosen?

Maverick Take the Gloves Off

I think I see the logic at work here: Gov. Palin goes after all of the Messiah’s dubious relationships (Ayers, Rezco, and today, Wright) and portrays these influences as cornerstones to forming Bambi’s over-arching mindset; one that is wildly to the left of the average American, and quite at ease with the sleaze that is found in his Chicago breeding grounds.

At the same time, Sen. McGrampyPants attacks Barry as an in-the-bag, lying pile of poop, desperate to hide his real record:

My opponent’s touchiness every time he is questioned about his record should make us only more concerned. For a guy who’s already authored two memoirs, he’s not exactly an open book. It’s as if somehow the usual rules don’t apply, and where other candidates have to explain themselves and their records, Senator Obama seems to think he is above all that. Whatever the question, whatever the issue, there’s always a back story with Senator Obama. All people want to know is: What has this man ever actually accomplished in government? What does he plan for America? In short: Who is the real Barack Obama? But ask such questions and all you get in response is another barrage of angry insults.

Our current economic crisis is a good case in point. What was his actual record in the years before the great economic crisis of our lifetimes?

This crisis started in our housing market in the form of subprime loans that were pushed on people who could not afford them. Bad mortgages were being backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and it was only a matter of time before a contagion of unsustainable debt began to spread. This corruption was encouraged by Democrats in Congress, and abetted by Senator Obama.

Senator Obama has accused me of opposing regulation to avert this crisis. I guess he believes if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough it will be believed. But the truth is I was the one who called at the time for tighter restrictions on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that could have helped prevent this crisis from happening in the first place.

Senator Obama was silent on the regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and his Democratic allies in Congress opposed every effort to rein them in. As recently as September of last year he said that subprime loans had been, quote, “a good idea.” Well, Senator Obama, that “good idea” has now plunged this country into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

To hear him talk now, you’d think he’d always opposed the dangerous practices at these institutions. But there is absolutely nothing in his record to suggest he did. He was surely familiar with the people who were creating this problem. The executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have advised him, and he has taken their money for his campaign. He has received more money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac than any other senator in history, with the exception of the chairman of the committee overseeing them.

Now Palin needs to pivot a bit on the Ayers attacks, and show how the unrepentant bomb thrower changed his tactics, deciding that taking over the education system and indoctrinating teh kiddies to his radical agenda would be an easier way to bring forth the ‘revolution’ he still seeks to enact, and show that the Messiah, through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and other associations, had colluded with Ayers for years in the effort, burning through hundreds of millions of bucks in the process, but showing absolutely no improvement in Chicago’s schools.

Then SarahCuda, bane of all Klondike Moose, should aim her barrels at this part of Barry’s history.

Meanwhile, Maverick has to declare full-blown open war on Congress. “Yes, I voted for the bailout, because I believed failing tp pass that legislation would have been disastrous for the country’s economic well being….

“But these people (Frank, Dodd, Schumer, etc.), these are the bastards who brought us to this brink, and Obama was complicit since Fannie and Freddie were lining his pockets.”

Point out all the earmarks Barry has funneled; if his campaign brings up the “Bridge to Nowhere” shit, tell them “you’re running against ME, you idiots! Why do you keep trying to compare your ticket’s Number One to our ticket’s Number Two?”

The Great One: The Obama Fan-Dance Must End

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