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Archive for "Oct 03 2008"

Dear Bloomie,


“Given the events of recent weeks and given the enormous challenges we face, I don’t want to walk away from a city I feel I can help lead through these tough times,” Bloomberg said.

Screw You. You also can go the way of Koch, when the city said, “We are tired of your bullshit.”

Stay involved? Please, do it. Go scale the Albany walls. But override two voters’ declarations? When you would have never been elected in the first place if we had a third pass at Rudy?

Don’t dirty yourself, Bloomie, by asking the (second?) most corrupt City Council to paint themselves an almighty, life-long gig just, to paint you a new angled avenue to remain mayor, will destitute the other four boroughs…

I’ve admired your tenure… until this. Now? Fuck you.

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Teh Friday Funny: JEW FIGHT!

Generational Warfare: Jackie Mason rips Sarah Silverman over Obama

I didn’t even watch… the idea alone left me grinning so hard at the idea: Jackie ripping that dumbassed chick, that I just had to toss the link up.

Someone is gonna have to explain Ms. Silverman to me, because from what I have seen, she just does not bring teh funnie… she’s more like the yenta you start talking to at some bar and after a couple of minutes realize you’re dealing with a raving nutter, who if you DO hook up with her, just might bite your cock off.

Seriously, who declared her schtick funny?

(full disclosure: I once said, “Oh fer Chissakes” loud enough when he was performing at the St. George Theatre for Jackie to hear me from the stage. The next two minutes were goddamn brutal. Wife™ laughed her butt off and said, “stop trying to hide under your seat.”

“Man Up!”

One of the reasons watching C-SPAN can be a downfall.

O’Reilly loses it, screams at Barney Frank “You Coward!”:

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