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Archive for "Oct 02 2008"

The MSM are Farkin’ Idiots

And I mean all of them. Print, TV, everybody. They keep going on and on about how the Senate larded up their “bailout bill” they passed last night with pork.

They did no such thing. First, take a look at your copy of the Constitution, you bloody morons:

Article One; Section 7: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

Which is exactly what they did. They took a bill which had already passed the House (H.R. 1424) and added this monstrosity to that bill… that’s what all that “Dodd Amendment” stuff was about, you schmucks.

Also, the ancillary stuff (like the “wooden arrows” that have you all a-twitter) ain’t pork, you farkin’ fools; they are tax extenders–a.k.a. “tax breaks.” They added that crap to try to draw more support from House Republicans to go along with this abortion (and possibly pissed off some of the House Dems in the process.)

Now the House has to either accept or reject the amended version of H.R.1424 exactly as it is currently written. If not, then they are forced to go into a joint conference committee and try to hammer out a version both sides of Congress agree to… doing which will make Monday’s NYSE meltdown look like a day at Disneyland.

Basically, they are telling the House leadership on both sides of the aisle to STFU and get this shit over with, or THEY will be on the hook for causing the economy to seize up and fall into the gutter, because they–especially Nancy Pelosi, who didn’t even try last time, allowing 95 members of her caucus to vote “No” for political cover– couldn’t whip enough of their people into line this time to finally make this shitstorm go away.

Which it won’t; not by a long shot.

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