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Crank Nails an Important Point: The Messiah is Once Again Voting “Present.”

In politics, actions speak louder than words, and inaction sometimes speaks even louder. With John McCain leaving the campaign trail to go to Washington to join the negotiations over the Paulson bailout bill, there’s a fair debate about exactly how important his presence there is, as I will discuss below. But judging by the actions of everyone involved, there’s no doubt that even his own Democratic colleagues recognize that Barack Obama is completely irrelevant to the process.

Baseball Crank: The Curious Incident of Reid and Pelosi In A Crisis

Neither Reid nor Pelosi has called for Obama to do anything; there has been no groundswell among Hill Democrats for Obama to get involved, and so far as I can tell, nobody is much discussing whether the plan being worked out does or does not satisfy Obama’s “principles” or whether Obama’s ultimate support or opposition will affect how they vote. And Beldar explains why that silence says everything about what Obama’s own colleagues think of his usefulness in a crisis:

What’s already abundantly clear in this crisis…without the need for any hindsight, is that Barack Obama has failed to lead.

Sen. McGrampypants is already getting pounded by abject co-conspirators in this clusterfuck (I’m looking at you, Barney Frank, and Chris “Countrywide” Dodd as well) as being the reason a deal has not yet been done. But nobody, abso–fucking–lutely nobody, is saying anything about Barry’s involvement in extricating the country from this financial morass. Considering that one of these two men are gonna be stuck dealing with this mess once they’re sworn in, the fact that The One has seemingly been struck mute is weird, to say the least, but to me, it’s quite understandable.

I believe the reason for silence is three-fold: 1) He’s too bloody stupid to comprehend what is going on; 2) he’s terrified of taking a position that might blow back in his face.

3) He’s betting his trained monkeys in the MSM will make the “blame it on McCain” schtick stick, and deflect all attention from the fact that the Messiah was actually irrelevant when it came to the most important financial crisis this country has faced in something like twenty+ years.

The Dems need the Republicans to get any deal done; if only to offer them some kind of cover (“they agreed to it!”) if everything goes south… the fact that they control both sides of Congress will somehow be deemed irrelevant.

They won’t do a damn thing unless the Repubs come on board… under Democrat terms.

The Democrat “leadership” has decided they don’t need their Presidential standard bearer in any way, shape or form.

That’s a nice boy… you just get your ass back on the stump and leave the heavy lifting to us adults.

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