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Archive for "Sep 21 2008"

It’s More Than Likely I’m Gonna Be a Blubbering Idiot Before This Day is Done

NEW YORK - AUGUST 28:  Yankee Stadium is seen ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

And this column by the Lip is helping cement the certainty of it.

In all likelihood, I’m only gonna visit the new building once. The prices I’m seeing for the new joint are stone cold insane, and I’ll never be able to just say, “Hey? Who wants to go to da Bronx?” and gather Wife™ and a couple more people and head out for a game without consulting a spreadsheet….

Reggie sounds like me: “I don’t want to leave.”

I had more fun in that building than I’ve ever had anywhere other than my own abode or Hilly’s Bowery BarRat Ballroom.

“Kid? Remember: you buy the ticket, you take the ride….

“What happens to my locker?”

It’ll just be a memory, My Captain. One of the pieces of tradition that are getting bulldozed to build The House that Darth Boss George Bought.

They’ll build a spiffy new Monument Park, and move all the plaques and stonework over to their new digs, but us older farts will know those suckers were never sitting in centerfield and driving Bobby Murcer nuts. We’ll know we’re never gonna hear Scooter or “The Voice of God” boom from the speakers and radios in the bleachers… and make you believe “everything’s gonna be okay.”

Good God, I’m damn nears tears right here and now.

Tell Tom Hanks to suck my junk. Don’t you DARE tell me there’s no crying in basbeball!

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