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Archive for "Sep 19 2008"

Occupation: Whore

McCain Plays the Race Card – Swampland – TIME

Let me stipulate: Obama’s Fannie Mae connections are completely fair game. But this ad doesn’t even mention a far more significant tie–that of Jim Johnson, the former Fannie Mae chairman who had to resign as head of Obama’s vice presidential search team after it was revealed he got a sweetheart deal on a mortgage from Countrywide Financial. Instead, it relies on a fleeting and tenuous reference in a Washington Post Style section story to suggest that Obama’s principal economic adviser is former Fannie Mae Chairman Frank Raines. Why? One reason might be that Johnson is white; Raines is black.

And the image of the victim doesn’t seem accidental either, given the fact that older white women are a key swing constituency in this election.

Toots? Are you really this fucking stupid?

According to your “logic process” I can say, with the same utter conviction you affirm in your words: “Look, he sat in Rev. Wright’s pews for all those years, where Screwy Louie Farrakhan was treated as a fucking prophet. So me, being, in your eyes, an ignorant white trash POS named ‘Lynch,’ I sees no problemo gathering together Bambi, a rope, and a tree,” and proceeding with assembly.

Do you stupid bastards even realize that if, as many have inferred, a civil war breaks out because Barry doesn’t win…

Guys like me are gonna shotgun the living shit out you fucking mooks if you so much as LOOK at my lawn.

And then let the dogs treat you like kibble.

More over here

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Dear Olby: Never Leave Bait for a Law Geek

It’ll only end in tears.
The Volokh Conspiracy – –

I happend [sic] to catch the very beginning of “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann. His lead story was on John McCain’s statement that if he were President he would “fire” Chris Cox as Chairman of the SEC, explaining that the Chairman of the FTC is appointed by and serves at the will of the President.

Olbermann sarcastically commented that McCain needs to learn about constitutional law and that it would be “unconstitutional” to try to fire the head of the SEC. He says that MSNBC’s legal advisor (I missed his first name and I don’t really watch NBC or MSNBC but I think it is somebody named Williams) told him this, referring to a “1935 case where the Supreme Court held that it would be unconstitutional to fire a member of an independent agency.”

Well, no. Actually, he’s not even close.

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Avast, Ye Bastards!

Sparrow faces the Kraken as he is dragged down...Image via Wikipedia

It’s “Talk Like a Pirate” Day.

So all entries will be auto-mangled by my spiffy little “Pirate talking” plug-in till they drown alongside Davy Jones’ locker.

There once was a pirate named Bates,
Who danced the Fandango on skates.
He fell on his cutlass
Which rendered him nutless
And practically useless on dates!

(Plundered, I be taken no credit, yarrrrrrr!)

UPDATE: Good God! Reading through some old posts, the way that plugin mangles text is friggin’ hilarious.


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