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Archive for "Sep 14 2008"

Sitemeter roll out “upgrade” that drives Users insane, sparks violent backlash

I went to take a look at my stats and landed on a page anouncing they were making a change. Next time I hit that click they asked me to log in if I wanted to see my numbers…

Jackasses. They have about 72 hours to fix this abortion, or I’ll just switch to some other crew. I mean, my ISP gives me pretty good metrics; the only reason I use Sitemeter is to allow anyone who cares to see my traffic numbers.
sitemeter – Google Blog Search

Donklephant: “Burn it. Drown it. Kill it. And then burn it some more. ”

HEH: Never piss off a professional drunkard; it’ll only end in tears.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know if the new statistics are any worse or any better than the old ones. Because I can’t see them. Not in Firefox, not in Safari, not in Opera which I installed for the sole purpose of seeing if there was just one web browser that would work with your site.

Good Gawd… if there’s ever been as brilliant a public fuck-up, I can’t recall witnessing it… and I tried installing Vista!


I’m Tellin’ Ya…

if it wasn’t for these kids I would be a hair’s width away from suffering a psychotic break and going on an all-out Mutt fan killing spree.

And Pat Venditte is just too cool for school. If he pans out he is gonna drive opposing managers absolutely insane.

Also, I wouldn’t have gained something like 15-20 pounds (every time I walk into the bathroom I can hear the scale (manufactured by an oufit called, I shit you not, “Borg”) snigger as I act like it isn’t really there), thanks to their “all you can eat” ticket scheme… which means I’m gonna have to kick my ass at the gym for the next three weeks so I won’t look like a beached whale when we go down to our time share in St. Thomas in mid-October. Oh friggin’ JOY!

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