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Archive for "Sep 13 2008"

Rope. Tree. Bambi’s Advert Team

Some assembly required.

So Team Messiah declared they were gonna “get tough,” and released a new commercial, mocking Sen. McGrampypants as some kind of senile fossil; so illiterate when it comes to computers that he’s one of those old coots who has never even sent an e-mail… how can he possibly be prepared to be POTUS in the 21st. Century?

Nevermind that the ad could easily be used by the McCain/Palin campaign to rile up senior citizens (one of the nation’s largest voting blocks) by saying “See? Obama mocks people like you!”; it seems Team Messiah doesn’t quite understand that new-fangled thingie called “Google,” because if they did, they wouldn’t have been so blisteringly stupid when crafting that advert.

Behold the blowback storm.

More fallout here.

Cuffy Meigs: “How toxic is Obama’s callous attack? His supporters are scrambling to Obama’s defense.

Some are pathetically weak: “The Viet Cong did not torture McCain, you idjit wingers.”

And some are so astoundingly effective that they cluelessly destroy the entire Luddite premise that Obama was shooting for in the first place. Oops.”

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