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Archive for "Sep 05 2008"

“Hope! Change! Don’t Get Your Pickaninny Pants in a Bunch, Chump”

Guess which card Obama pulled out of the deck today?

Once again, Obama has resorted to a smear campaign against the McCain campaign. They have never –never — even hinted that Obama has “Muslim connections”. They have never made even a slight attempt to make his race an issue, despite this fourth repeat of this particular smear. Neither has the RNC nor any mainstream Republicans. In fact, the McCain campaign let go one staffer who only Twittered a link to a Jeremiah Wright video earlier this year.

If Obama wants to argue that some misdirected bloggers have made these kind of attacks, he might have a point. But by that standard, the Democrats have attacked Bristol Palin, smeared Sarah Palin about the maternity of her youngest child, and questioned the mental capacity of John McCain. If Obama wants to start making these kinds of accusations, then maybe he ought to get his own house in order first.

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