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Archive for "Sep 02 2008"

First “Snap” in the Morono-sphere

Everytime I look, the name looks like “Wintermute.”Commit to Letting Go of Your Fears

Die. Die, die, die (I’m a flying MacGee).

That You Deep Throat Guys named Ballsack?

What does this remind you of? | By Andrew Sullivan

Andi–I would usually ask the question, “Andy? or Andi?” I ain’t easy but I am fair.

You are a douche who, in my opinion, should die with an’ oorible beat Diddy in the fucking head. Jesus, this mook is dumberfucker.

But that’s just me.


The Battle Of Bristol: John McCain Has The Upper Hand

All the talk this election has been how Barack Obama will expand the electoral pie. He will get the votes that went to Al Gore and John Kerry but he will couple them with his new voters, the young and the black and win a sweeping majority.

However, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and Bristol Palin is that reaction. Sarah Palin now has the capability of being what Hillary Clinton claimed to be — a hero of the blue collar working class.

Sarah Palin is a working mom with five kids who managed to become Governor of her state. Now Palin has been confronted with the great fear, and for many, the difficult reality of a pregnant teenage daughter. Sarah Palin lived by a code and tried to have her kids live by it as well. Did she fail?

Maybe she did. But as many parents know, you do the best you can with your children.

The Left will fight this battle as a political debate. They will argue that Bristol Palin proves their assertions about traditionalism. They will lay it out point by point. The evidence will be solid. And their case will make sense — in theory.

But this is not theory, and to a certain extent its not even politics, this is life. Steve Schmidt is not wrong when in reaction to the news he says, “Life happens.”

The more assholes like Saint Andy and his Kozickstan cohorts attack, the more it will blow back. It’s only gonna take one eruption from either Tweety or Olby to drive the entirety of “Undecided America” into abject revulsion of anything and everything Democrat, because the MSM cannot control the story anymore.

“Thank God there are still Democrats like this left.”

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