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Archive for "Jul 27 2008"

Mike Lupica is out of his BDS-Addled Brain

This takes “Bush Derangement Syndrome” to an awe-inspiring level of stupid:
Clearing Roger Clemens with pardon is Bush League move by President

You say that Clemens hasn’t been charged with anything yet? Neither was Richard Nixon when Gerald Ford pardoned him.

What will be interesting, if there is a pardon next January, is how this particular President – the head of the Texas aristocracy that has been running this country since 2000 – would explain a pardon for Roger Clemens, pitching legend, especially in light of that tough-as-nails message to sports and to the country more than four years ago.

Richard Emery, one of Brian McNamee’s lawyers, was the first to raise the idea that Bush will eventually pardon Roger Clemens, and Emery isn’t backing off much now.

“I don’t have any information that it’s going to happen,” Emery said on Friday morning. “But I’ve always looked logically at Clemens’ situation, and his connection to the Bush family, and felt that this might very well be the end game for him.

“It will be interesting, though, to see how it would be explained, if it ever was explained, as to why black athletes keep getting charged in this area and doing time and Clemens, who’s guilty, would be rewarded with a pardon.”

This is, like, EPIC in its puerile insanity. The dwarfish, failed athlete with an ego the size of King Kong really believes Dubya is gonna give Clemens that kind of legal blanket? Why? The only place this idiocy has even reared its head is from McNamee’s lawyer’s flapping yap. And WTF is up with tossing the race card on the table? The motherfucker is out of his goddamn mind.

With all the storms the Democrats are threatening to rain down on members of the Bush Administration, nobody but a fucking nut would think Dubya gives a good damn rat’s ass about what might happen to Roger Clemens.

This is another hard, cold example of why sportswriters should not be allowed to write off the reservation. Like his buddy Frank Rich, some shitheads should not be allowed to opine about politics.

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