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Archive for "Jul 24 2008"

25 Years Ago Today

George Brett went batshit insane! [Get it? “bat” shit? I kill myself!]

Watching Barry in Berlin…

One: that’s not much of a crowd, considering it’s Summer vacation season, normal work hours are over, and all the hype amping up to this campaign appearance.

Two: his rhetoric is very friggin’ weak compared to his previous oratorical performances.

Three: This crowd sounds like they couldn’t give a shit what he’s saying; it seems they are there merely for the spectacle, and only respond at the obvious “okay, clap now” pauses.

More (maybe) when somebody releases the transcript. There were a few lines delivered that left me thinking “WTF is he talking about?”

Addendum: Well, this sure as hell doesn’t help Michelle’s kids.

When Obamabots Attack!

Google has officially censored my Barack Obama video

What actually happened is Obama’s hardcore internet losers (Obamabots) organized a drive to flag the video as inappropriate. This doesn’t seem to be the first time this has happened either (also, see here). Now people have to login to a YouTube account and verify their age just to watch it — a major inconvenience that has crippled the video’s traffic. Before this video was censored it was generating between 500 and 1000 views a day. Since the censoring, it is generating less than 50 per day.

Hey Obamabots — MISSION ACCOMPLISHED you mindless douchebags!

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