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Archive for "Jul 23 2008"

More Blatant BS From Barry: The Overseas Edition

Power Line: The Fine Line Between Pandering and Lying

In Sderot today, Obama didn’t say anything about Jerusalem being the Palestinian capital, but he essentially repeated, not his original call for a Jerusalem that “must” be “undivided,” but his mushier fall-back position. In doing so, he not only failed to acknowledge, but specifically denied, that this was a change from his AIPAC call for a Jerusalem that “must remain undivided.”

Obama continued:

Now, in terms of knowing my commitments, you don’t have to just look at my words, you can look at my deeds. Just this past week, we passed out of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, which is my committee, a bill to call for divestment from Iran, as a way of ratcheting up the pressure to ensure that they don’t obtain a nuclear weapon.

But Obama is not a member of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. Obama just made that up so he could count the committee’s action as one of “my deeds.”

via Ace, who asks, “Is this guy a pathological liar or is he just goofing on the press trying to see how far he can push them before they stop covering for him?”

I think Der Magische Neger honestly believes that none of the reporters following him on his tour give a rat’s ass when he just makes this kind of stuff up. After all, they mostly seem to have–at least in their reporting–bought his story about this trip being a ‘fact finding’ tour.

Besides, if anyone calls him on anything, he’ll either call it a “distraction,” or just spew more bullshit that the majority of the press will lap up like the good little poodles they’ve become.

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When Idiots at Zsa Zsa’s House of Preening Moonbats “Investigate,” Stupidity Ensues

Insty thinks it’s better described as “hilarity,” but considering the aspirations Zsa Zsa has for her oversized lefty soapbox, I find the idea this drivel got published to be borderline asinine.

McCain Campaign Press Calls: An Investigation

OffTheBus has recorded the vast majority of McCain calls since late May as part of our Listening Post project. Intrigued by Corn’s suspicion, we decided to dig deeper and see if there was, in fact, any overt discrimination or favoritism being practiced by the campaign. With a handful of Special Ops volunteers, we listened to all of our banked audio of the McCain campaign media conference calls between June 17th and July 9th. We also listened to a similar but smaller sampling of Obama calls and collected information to answer our questions: Who asked what and when?

What did we find? Nothing that provides any significant evidence of favoritism by the McCain campaign.

Now, anyone with a modicum of sense, or circumspection, would have stopped right there and shoved the idea in the trashcan. But not HuffPo lead “reporter” Gabriel Beltrone, who, according to his bio, has a finally honed sense of journalistic acumen:

Born and raised in New York City, I am currently concentrating in progressive politics at New York University’s Gallatin School for Individualized Study and spending the summer as an intern at OffTheBus.

Alas, young Master Beltrone (and his fourteen co-reporters) could not just walk away. Their finely tuned noses for news knew there had to be something to their initial instinct that there was something hinky going on with the McCain call-in shows.

And by Zsa Zsa, they found it!

What’s interesting — although not necessarily revealing — is that two people in particular manage to ask more questions than the others. Rodney Livingston of the Solar Powered News Network (SPNN) and Ed Morrissey of are among the most frequent contributors on the Obama and McCain calls.

Livingston’s questions for Obama representatives generally come off as well-intentioned but are tangential — even irrelevant — to the subject of the call….

Morrissey’s questions, on the other hand, clearly exhibit his support for the McCain campaign. This isn’t shocking considering Morrissey blogs for, the pet project of prominent right-wing blogger and frequent FOX News commentator Michele Malkin.

Since Morrissey (widely known–and MSM published–back in the day as “Cap’n Ed,” working from his own site, Captain’s Quarters,) is in the employ of Malkin, it stands to reason he’s deeply in the tank for McCain. I’m mean, to investigative mavens like Beltrone and his posse, it must have pealed as loud and clear as St. Mary’s bells on Easter morning! She’s a “right-wing blogger and frequent FOX news commentator.” Ipso facto, she’s in McCain’s pocket… J’Accuse!
Except, it ain’t true. Just ask Cap’n Ed:

Quite obviously, Beltrone has never bothered to read Michelle’s blog. I’d suggest that he go to her site and do a search on McCain, and get a better idea of the boss’s opinion about the Republican nominee. It’s amazing that Beltrone’s “investigation” managed to miss these details. I give Michelle credit for not skewering me publicly for supporting McCain.

Morrissey goes on to point out how one of Beltrane’s “examples” of Cap’n Ed’s supposed shilling during one Q&A session was a question that any un-stupid person would regard as a jab at McCain, and then wops the little whelp in the mouth:

Well, who was it that suggested Leavenworth? John McCain. Which Republican ran on the insistence of closing Gitmo? John McCain. Note to Beltrone: I disagree with McCain on this point, and wanted to emphasize Brownback’s opposition to McCain’s plan. Apparently, Beltrone doesn’t know how to do research or bother to understand the issues before deciding on “bias”.

Of course, had Beltrone bothered to contact me to get my thoughts on these issues, he wouldn’t have made this mistake. Funny how his “investigation” never led him to my e-mail address, or even to the Hot Air tips address, to ask me even a single question. I don’t bite, unless bitten, and I’d have been happy to discuss his “investigation”, but apparently he’s happier leaping to uninformed conclusions.

That’s one crack staff of craptastic! you got working for your rag, Zsa Zsa. I mean, for cryin’ out loud! Morrissey has his own Wikipedia page, and these schmucks–all fifteen of them!–couldn’t a) offer any background info on the guy (I’ll bet they figured he was just another indentured servant, like the guy in the byline), or b) figure out how to reach him for comment?

Good jorb, yobbos!

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