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Amazon Game Room’s Blog: The “Rock Band 2” Songlist and The Who’s E3 Announcement Party Permalink

Scroll down… look at the “R” listings… that’s right, the boys were not deployed in an environment where they would supply awesome doses of WIN!

Baseball bat, you heathen bastard brats.

No… let’s step away from that… let’s take knee jerk back.

You ain’t deserving of a baseball bat. Dirty, leftover Dee Dee needle, that should be your bailiwick.

Yeah, I like that: “blood poisoning” trumps “vicious beating.”


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Payback’s a Bitch

Obama camp denies New Yorker writer plane seat | Los Angeles Times

There’s probably no connection whatsoever.

But the New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza, whose long, long article on Barack Obama’s early political days in Chicago’s ward politics (available here) was the reason for the magazine’s controversial cover by Barry Blitt depicting Obama as a Muslim, has been barred from traveling with Obama on his foreign field trip this week….

More than 200 media folks applied to fly in Europe with the freshman senator. But, alas, the Obama campaign said it simply was not able to find a seat for Lizza.

Now, that’s Chicago politics.

I believe Lizza’s article really rankled the Messiah because, at length and in depth, it portrayed the Magic Negro’s political roots as what one would expect from an opportunistic, ego-driven player in the hurly-burly world of Chicago politics. It was most definitely NOT the typical puff piece treatment Barry has been afforded by True Believers like Jann Wenner over at Rolling Stone.

In all the fuss over that New Yorker issue’s cover art (now gracing my office wall, with “IT’S TRUE!” taped atop the frame), Lizza’s article has pretty much been ignored. It shouldn’t be, and the fact that everyone in the MSM got themselves worked into such a lather about a frickin’ cartoon, yet said jack diddly squat about the article that caused that jackassed cover art to be commissioned, is another maddening example of just how deep in the tank the MSM is when it comes to covering providing cover for Barry. It’s obvious that even the rubes who the cartoon attempted to lampoon have caught on to it.

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