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America’s Nerds Agree: Spiderman is a Big Screaming Namby-Assed Fag

The jokerImage by ♠NiJoKeR♣ via FlickrHeath Ledger gets an Oscar or there is NO God. Most ‘scary but you can’t keep your eyes off of it’ performance since a side order a fava beans made Clarrise wet herself.

First movie I was sitting there mumbling, “wow.. holy goddamn wow!” in like… forever. At one point the Bat’s beating the shit out of the Joker and the Joker is getting off on it.

How many times have you watched a movie and said about the bad guy (in my case, out loud), ” Good God!, don’t kill this guy.”

And then you realize, “the dumb shit already’s gone and done it.”

The producers are absolutely screwed by Ledger being dead. There just ain’t a bad enough bad guy left in the Batman canon, and no one watching this performance will ever accept a replacement player. Ledger’s depiction of Joker dominates this movie like getting hit by an angry God’s fist.

‘The Dark Knight’ nabs biggest opening ever | Entertainment Weekly

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