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Archive for "Jul 20 2008"

America’s Nerds Agree: Spiderman is a Big Screaming Namby-Assed Fag

The jokerImage by ♠NiJoKeR♣ via FlickrHeath Ledger gets an Oscar or there is NO God. Most ‘scary but you can’t keep your eyes off of it’ performance since a side order a fava beans made Clarrise wet herself.

First movie I was sitting there mumbling, “wow.. holy goddamn wow!” in like… forever. At one point the Bat’s beating the shit out of the Joker and the Joker is getting off on it.

How many times have you watched a movie and said about the bad guy (in my case, out loud), ” Good God!, don’t kill this guy.”

And then you realize, “the dumb shit already’s gone and done it.”

The producers are absolutely screwed by Ledger being dead. There just ain’t a bad enough bad guy left in the Batman canon, and no one watching this performance will ever accept a replacement player. Ledger’s depiction of Joker dominates this movie like getting hit by an angry God’s fist.

‘The Dark Knight’ nabs biggest opening ever | Entertainment Weekly

Zemanta Pixie

The Stupidest Bitch in the Universe


Yo, Ho? Stick to flying around in your SuperWhore duds in the blogiverse.
It completes you.

I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. You make “inane” look like just another word.

Be Still My Heart (aka:”Please Don’t Suck”)

Well, all the Camaro buildup is finally set to amount to something this Monday, when the real, final car is unveiled. Frankly, it was getting anti-climactic before the official photos leaked onto the web on Friday afternoon, but we’ll look forward to hopefully seeing the SS car in the metal. That one’s been conspicuously absent from all the photos that crammed the internet as soon as the dam burst. Anyway, whether you go for an RS with that punchy DI V6, or the SS with its LS3 power, chances are you’ll be a happy camper.

VIDEO: Camaro TV spots through the years — some more bitchin’ than others – Autoblog
My first store bought car was a 1979 Z-28. My greasemonkey buddies immediately adopted it, making sure it was always “110%” tuned. So we’d get really, really fucked up and I’d play “Speed King” really, really loud and head for the south end of Hylan Boulevard and dare anyone to put money up and make a run… unless we were stoned and hanging out in the Midland Beach parking lot, listening to Quadrophenia, and believing that idiot Townshend was talking about us.

I made money and hunnies running that cobalt-blue suicide trap just about as hard and fast as could be handled by my ass, until I killed it by slamming a Hylan Boulevard stanchion because some motherfucker in a Dodge Dart ran a red light.

Everything about that car was perfect. Apply for the plates? Get issued “TKL-816” My name? Timothy Christopher Lynch. My birthdate: August 16th.

My best boy Peter Karbowski: “We’re gonna die in this car, Elton. Let’s go down to the Shore. I’d rather die at the beach.”

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