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Well Shut My Mouth!

At Lenox Terrace, the luxury development in Harlem, management uses two sets of standards when it comes to rent-stabilized tenants, many residents say.

For the select group of prominent or politically connected apartment dwellers like Representative Charles B. Rangel, Lenox Terrace provides below-market accommodations and does little to scrutinize whether the arrangements comply with rent-stabilization laws.

For other residents, however, the owner has a different posture: aggressively enforcing even arcane provisions of the regulations, threatening costly court battles to drive tenants from their rent-stabilized homes, and using other tactics that some housing advocates describe as harassment.

Although landlord-tenant battles, especially in rent-stabilized buildings, are a staple of New York life, residents and housing advocates say that after the Harlem real estate market began to soar around 2000, the situation at Lenox Terrace grew intense. The Olnick Organization, the owner of the development, brought in a new manager at that time and began aggressively seeking to evict tenants from rent-stabilized units.

Rangel’s Neighbors See a Rent Double Standard –

Chuckles has given up the fourth apartment, which allegedly housed a campaign office. I say “allegedly” because, for all intent and purpose, Charley hasn’t had need to campaign for damn near fifteen years. He’s the Dean of the NYC Congressional delegation, so entrenched in the DC hierarchy that he had the audacity of egotistical nerve–like his fellow feeder at the trough, Bob “Sheets” Byrd–that he’s seen fit to use his position as a federal money spigot to shake down K Street (and other) players to finance things that will keep his name in fame.

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