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Archive for "Jul 16 2008"


Ichiro’s speech to All-Stars revealed – MLB – Yahoo! Sports

Best. All Star Game Story. EVAH.

The exact words are not available. Players are too busy laughing to remember them. Ichiro wouldn’t dare repeat them in public. So here’s the best facsimile possible.

“Bleep … bleep bleep bleep … National League … bleep … bleep … bleeeeeeeeep … National – bleep bleep bleepbleepbleep!”

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New Comment Thingy

I’ve signed up with the DISQUS system to try and stop a recent (two weeks) onslaught of spam comments that desperately want to sell ring tones.

Lemme know if there are any problems.

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IM from Wife™: “You need to read this.”

Political dissent can be silenced – even here in New York

The most disturbing part of the subpoena directed at our New York political blog, Room Eight, was the legend, in all capital letters: “DO NOT DISCLOSE THE EXISTENCE OF THIS REQUEST…”

The subpoena came in the mail in January from Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson. It demanded information about one of the bloggers and a dozen commenters on Room Eight, a group political blog where political insiders and junkies from all over the city write about – and often criticize – the city’s politicians.

Some write under their own names, some write anonymously, in part for fear of retaliation from the politicians they criticize.

The information Johnson’s office wanted could have identified one anonymous critic, “Republican Dissident,” who had been directing his fire at Johnson’s allies in the Bronx Republican Party, which supports him, and occasionally at Johnson himself.

At first, we weren’t sure what those three words, “do not disclose,” meant. Were we even allowed to reveal the subpoena’s existence to a lawyer? We called an assistant district attorney in Johnson’s office, Rosemary Iaconis, and asked what the investigation was about – if this blogger (or anyone else) had been found murdered, for instance, we would have been willing to help.

She refused to tell us what alleged crime was being investigated. Instead, she suggested that we quietly cooperate as, she said, a local Republican blog had. Later, she told our lawyer that several blogs had cooperated.

Her reticence led us to suspect that the only “crime” was Republican Dissident’s harsh, at times nasty, criticism of Johnson’s allies in local politics: the chairman of the Bronx Republican Party, Jay Savino, and an official of the Bronx Board of Elections, Dawn Sandow. The blogger had gleefully linked to news articles reporting investigations into the Bronx Republicans, and even posted public documents apparently showing Sandow’s residence in Rockland County, not the Bronx. His blogging was not very nice, but it wasn’t the sort of thing a prosecutor would ever attack a newspaper or a television station for doing.

Feh, the only locals i’d have to worry about are the GOP, and they’re a pack of asshats. Besides, this ain’t a blog; this is the musings of the Head Honcho of LeatherPenguin Publishing, imperial overlord of his own empire, who’s bottom line is spare these days, and would embrace such a fertile patch of free publicity being aimed his way.

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